Impulses to check Facebook

I feel compelled to check Facebook to see if I’m missing out on something.  This is a weird thing to not feel, the idea that I don’t need to be up to date with things that other people are sharing.  The default concern basically boils down to “what if” questions that I ask myself.  I feel […]

My intentions with this blog

I’ve never really had a proper blog (or I’ve never really committed to one, rather), I think because I had different ideas of how I wanted to share things.  Even before 2020 and all that it’s shown to be as of today’s date, I was growing more disillusioned with social media, and how “known” I […]

This is a trip!

An AI is fed a part of All Star, and creates numerous attempts of more song.  It’s pretty impressive how accurately it recreates pop/rock hook tropes with the ingredients each attempt starts with.