I appreciate Ned Australian Whisky

This was recommended to me a good while ago by one of the managers of my local IGA: NED Whisky, Melbourne-made!

It’s seriously the tastiest I’ve had within its price bracket;  I won’t suggest I’m an expert by any stretch of the imagination, as I oscillate between Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark depending on what I can afford (and I can find good reasons for enjoying both, so I’m happy either way).  But NED is  priced very competitively, and is especially smooth tasting.  I usually mix my whiskies with a cola or dry ginger ale, but this is the first one that I’ve had where the ratio between spirit:mixer is higher for the former.  Delicious stuff.

Also anecdotal legend has it that they went to produce sanitiser when there were supply shortages during the first wave of the pandemic, and selling it at a decent loss.  But the fact that it’s locally made and delicious is enough to compel me to be a return customer.

Visit them at https://nedwhisky.com.au/

October 5, 2020

12:15 am