My intentions with this blog

I’ve never really had a proper blog (or I’ve never really committed to one, rather), I think because I had different ideas of how I wanted to share things.  Even before 2020 and all that it’s shown to be as of today’s date, I was growing more disillusioned with social media, and how “known” I felt I wanted to be to an unknowable audience – over time I’ve been wanting to reduce the scope of potential reach, even to the connections I had made on Facebook in particular.  To be honest, I put more stock in the “friends on Facebook” than what I probably should have.  I think as I’ve grown older I just want to keep things simple, especially in a year like we’ve had so far.

The things I post on social media have for the most part been designed to be found humourous, light and wholesome; mainly intending to be taking non-negatively.  My intention is to keep this space for all of those things, and does so in a way where it’s searchable amongst common themes.  I intend to have it up as long as I can afford to.


September 24, 2020

9:47 am